AA_T0B5273What is it? Angel Alley is a community project. It is a Street Park in Dogpatch, in the Central Waterfront area of San Francisco.  It creates an important connection between 22nd and Tubbs, and pays homage to historical Tubbs Cordage Company rope-walk. Hells Angels club house sits at the end of the alley. For more info, see our Press Release 


AA TodayOff the beaten path. What started out as a guerrilla gardening project ended up as an official Street Park and a green alleyway. We wanted to create a perfect secret short-cut for pedestrians and bikes. After endless volunteer hours, and hard labor from our contractor, Catmex, Angel Alley was transformed to an idyllic palm tree and succulent pathway. To stop erosion we built gabion retaining walls, and painted recycled concrete with glow-in-the-dark paint. Quite a sight after the sunset!



Before. The site used to be an eyesore.  Trash, trash, and more trash combined with overgrown weeds, syringes, beer cans, and bottles occupied the street-side. The sad state encouraged worrisome night activities. Despite neighbors’ efforts – once we planted over 300 flower bulbs and only one flower bloomed – it just did not get better.


CirclesVision. The neighbors got together and decided to create a vision for the space, set up a professional landscape plan, clean up the street, and find funding to make the alley safe and beautiful. We all felt that Dogpatch deserved a green and pedestrian friendly spot. The neighborhood provided further support – excited volunteers and donations – and the city gave additional resources.

Now people are walking and biking through the alley to get to the other side of Dogpatch. They are enjoying a coffee break or lunch on the new upcycled granite curbside benches. Birds line up to take baths at the solar powered recycled water fountain. Kids admire the glow-in-the-dark rocks. We cannot wait until the planned mini library is set up, so we can sit and enjoy reading a book in Angel Alley, Dogpatch.

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